Thursday, September 23, 2010

video reposts..

as i'm in the process of making a new video i thought i'd re-post a few of my favorites from this past winter. you can find all of my videos at or hiding somewhere on this blog

a good day split-boarding with dave B. and a bad day by myself! my last 2 adventures of 2009..

a day of noboarding. like learning how to snowboard all over again, just without your bindings. april 2010

the best opening week of my life, to kick off one of my best seasons ever.
whistler nov. 2009.

my 2nd run from the 2010 olympic pipe finals. pretty much the best night of my life.

birthday powder! does it get better? treble cone, NZ, aug 2010

burton canadian open. a few weeks before the olympics. this comp is when i really felt my runs coming together prior to the games. calgary

the world cup in calgary the week before the open was pretty fun too.. another podium

and this was just awesome to be asked to do. my grouse mtn olympic torch "run", on top of their tram.

mmmm powder! a lot of days like this last winter.


  1. I just noticed that you are riding a Bataleon Locust for your split. I have one of those in my quiver and love it for pow. I am curious, how has it worked as a split. I was considering splitting mine before I ordered up a Venture Storm split.

    Posted up one of the vids at

    Always enjoy your stuff, keep it up.

  2. cool thanks for the repost!
    I really like it. I initially took that board to Alaska and loved it, so when i got my split kit it was the obvious choice. i was hesitant about skins on the TBT base but it totally fine. I'd say go for it.