Wednesday, February 17, 2010

game day

i kinda thought i'd be nervous for today.
I'm not.
I fell asleep right away last night, slept great and Brad didn't even snore! which is rare.
this morning i feel awesome. Really excited to ride my snowboard. contrary to '06, it doesn't feel like the olympics. My head is in a totally different place. Experience maybe. or maybe being 7 years older than my competitors! and i think the oldest guy ever to ride in an olympic pipe event, which may or may not be a good thing..
I just can't wait to snowboard. it's my favorite thing to do in life and today i get to share that with the world.
I know i may not win, hell, i might not even make finals. Shit happens and pipe riding is crazy these days. But i'm totally at ease and happy that i've done everthing and taken advantage of every opportunity that i could have to be here and do my best.
it's gonna be a fun day of riding and i can't wait!

oh and i found out i got bib #26..


  1. Canada's pulling for you Justin! Make us proud!

  2. Good runs today Justin. You made me, if not the rest of the country proud!

  3. just watched your run on cypress - great work! you're doing canada proud!

  4. Congrats!!! I just saw your performance on TV and you were great!
    It's impressive how much passion you have for the game. It definitely shows!

    Thanks for making us proud!

    Waterloo, ON

  5. great job today! canada is proud of you!!!!

  6. You did well for Canada Justin!
    Halfpipe is getting more intense year by year. You certainly hyped up Waterloo Engineering that's for sure!

  7. what do you think of the opening ceremony

  8. Saw you compete last night ... told my wife "hey I know that guy, we went to undergrad together, he pretended to fall out my 3rd floor dorm room window one night and gave all of us a heart attack"! It's gonzo aka gonzalo ferro(you remember?). Going to seattle this weekend to hook up w/ Ryan and then we are driving to Vancouver!! Congrats on your runs, they were great, it's awesome to see you still doing what you always loved doing! Enjoy the rest of the olympics, sounds like you guys get to have a blast!

  9. i saw your run justin. canada's proud of you. thanks for taking that bow. i'm so happy you repp'd for the country!!!!!!!!


  10. thanks everybody for the support. was an awesome night. loved every minute of it.

  11. Keep up the good work justin. Your doing a awsome job

  12. hey nice run justin you best! your doind a awsome job